What would a democratic energy system be like?

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What would a democratic energy system be like?


In January 2015 a group of people at ‘Imagining Energy Democracy’ in London tried to imagine what a democratic energy system in Britain would be like. This is what they decided:

• A national energy grid that the public owns. Most houses and businesses are connected to this grid. It will balance supply and demand and store a lot of energy.

• Lots of different types of energy go into the national energy grid: solar, wind, wave, tidal stream and hydro power. The energy is made by many different local energy co-operatives, energy companies owned by the council, projects owned by the community and companies that do not make a profit.

• A lot of wind turbines (in the sea, not on the land) also make energy for the grid. The public owns the wind power as it is run by a nationalized company. Money from this company is supports energy efficiency, sustainable transport, good grid connections and small community renewable energy projects.

• There are some other small grids and local community projects that make and store energy.

• People pay the local company (co-operative or company owned by the council) for their energy; or a public energy distribution company supplies all the energy, and supports local energy projects.

Fuel Poverty Action, Global Justice Now (formerly WDM) and Platform organized the event.

NOW READ THE ORIGINAL (at the bottom): http://newint.org/features/2015/03/01/renewable-energy-keynote/