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'Writing is hard work.' 'Writing is boring.' 'Writing is too serious and lonely.'


Well, it doesn't have to be...

There are many different writing tasks in the Ready Lessons: different types of dictation, writing tweets about refugees, making posters about feminist issues, writing formal and informal letters to world leaders, aliens and others, emails to directors of global corporations, protest banners and bumper stickers.

This wiki is a great self-access resource for learners to use outside school or college. If you set up an on-line discussion forum on a moodle or a class blog or wiki, they can write comments about articles they read and post them, then discuss them in writing with others.


Learners can self-correct or peer correct, or you can use a correction code to guide them.

You can then create a wall display of the posters, make a booklet of all the corrected dictations, tweet the tweets, send the letters and emails, and have a big class protest session with the banners!

Happy writing!