Video - the power of participation

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VIDEO: the power of participation

by Chris Lunch

In all of human history we see examples of people living with and using different technologies, often for many years. Then they find a new use, which could cause problems. For example fire. We lived with it very closely for hundreds of thousands of years before we worked out how to make the heat hotter and how to make metals by melting minerals from rocks.

I believe this is also true of video technology today. In this TEDx talk I explain why I think we are only just starting to see the possibilities for community development. I show examples from 15 years of work with poor communities all over the world. We work with groups and use the power of video technology to change ideas, to make communities want to act and release hidden energy for positive change.

This is video with participation – it’s not just a video camera, it’s a mirror, an ear to listen and understand, a magnet to attract people and more...

Watch the TEDx talk here:

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