Top 10 web articles of 2013

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The top 10 web articles of 2013

by Lydia James


Children Reading (© New Internationalist - Pratham books)

Your favourite articles were about important global issues in 2013. In March, our Indian blogger Mari Marcel Thekaekara wrote about the international anger after the Delhi rape and murder; sexual violence was in many of our most popular articles. Our most popular blog, by Didem Tali, shows that people still love books, and technology is a good way to get a lot of people reading – happy reading!

The last year has been exciting for New Internationalist. Other important articles were about the Kenyan elections in March 2013 (together with On our Radar). For our 40th year we had The Internationalists blogging series. This asked writers to explore ideas about solidarity and development.

1. Ending the book hunger If every child in the world had a library in his pocket, that would be a revolution (said Didem Tali in the most popular blog of the year).

2. India, porn and sexual violence

In July Mari Marcel Thekaekara wrote about this subject that created international debate in 2013; the debate will continue.

3. Photo essay: for Eritrean migrants, there is more dignity in death

Easier English:

Isabelle Merminod and Tim Baster’s photos showed the grief of the survivors of the Lampedusa boat tragedy in October and the relatives of the Eritrean migrants who drowned trying to reach Europe. New Internationalist next issue in January-February is about the detention of migrants around the world.

4. Can dark tourism ever be a good thing?

Easier English:

In January, Ruth Stokes explored the topic of holidays in war and disaster zones. She asked if ‘extreme tourism’ can be OK.

5. Which is the world’s worst company?

Easier English:

There are many bad companies to vote for in the Public Eye’s competition, writes Amy Hall. Vote here.

6. Mexico resists Monsanto corn

Easier English:

Jen Wilton wrote about Mexico’s challenge to the GM company Monsanto, before the global March Against Monsanto action in May.

7. Haiti’s struggling healthcare system

Blogger Sokari Ekine wrote about the cholera crisis in Haiti. It is difficult to provide healthcare without enough staff or facilities.

8. Praying for a new dawn after Delhi rape

Easier English:

Mari Marcel Thekaekara wrote this when India – and the world – was so angry and sad after the terrible gang rape and murder of a young woman in late 2012.

9. Kenya votes: Risk of election violence ‘unacceptably high’

Before the election in March, Kenyan journalist Moses Wasamu wrote about what could happen as part of a New Internationalist series on Kenya’s elections.

10. Why are we so afraid of chemical weapons?

MG Zimeta asked why chemical weapons are so bad ethically. A few weeks later, the Assad regime used them against the people of Syria.

Social media pick

The pain of blows

We asked our facebook, twitter and google+ followers what articles they preferred this year. One was New Internationalist co-editor Vanessa Baird's story about her attack in Uruguay. This showed the very big effects of health inequality.

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