Top 10 magazine articles of 2013

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The top 10 magazine articles of 2013

by Lydia James


2013 was another year of a very big difference between rich and poor. Poor people become demons and super-rich people have umbrellas made from crocodiles. (Radek Vitoul under a Creative Commons Licence)

This year, many people were interested in potatoes, crocodile skin umbrellas and making prostitution legal. Many people liked our Arguments; they were in four of the best ten places for 2013. Money and sex were also very popular this year; Vanessa Baird’s “Sex Selection” issue in October was in the top three. But it was the rich in India that was our most popular article -with over 100K views.

If you missed these articles the first time, here they are again...

1.India’s elites have a ferocious sense of entitlement

EASIER ENGLISH: The rich in India -

Urvashi Butalia’s article about rich Indians living in Delhi.

2. Should prostitution be legalized?

EASIER ENGLISH: Is it a good idea for prostitution to be legal -

The top Argument in our top 10; lawyer Dianne Post and writer and filmmaker Bishakha Datta argued about this in April.

3. Girls not allowed


People think boys are more important in the world and sex selection is changing the world’s gender balance. In October, co-editor Vanessa Baird’s article discussed the problem and what can be done.

4. Is male circumcision harmful?

EASIER ENGLISH: Is male circumcision bad for you? -

An argument between Richard Wamai and Ronald Goldman in March was at the same time as an international discussion as the World Health Organization said male circumcision is good to stop the spread of HIV.

5. Cameroon’s women call time on breast ironing -

EASIER ENGLISH: Cameroon’s women want to stop breast ironing -

Not many people talk about breast ironing, but many people do it. Amy Hall, former New Internationalist intern Amy Hall wrote about this harmful practice for ‘protecting young girls’ from the attention of men.

6. Laying into the poor -

Owen Jones wrote about poor people becoming the demons all over the world. This has continued during the year. And so, happily, have the protests against the cuts and inequality by the 99%.

7. Feral rich keynote -


Co-editor Vanessa Baird wrote about the super rich and what they spend their money on. (eg. Crocodile-skin umbrellas which cost $55,000 and Harrods Posh Instant noodles at $43 a pot.)

8. Should 16 year olds get the vote? -

EASIER ENGLISH: Should 16 year olds vote? -

Andrew Mycock (politics academic) and Chanté Joseph (UK Youth Parliament member) argued in September’s New Internationalist.

9. Is it time to ditch the pursuit of economic growth?

EASIER ENGLISH : Is it time to stop trying to make the economy grow? -

Economist Dan O’Neill and journalist Daniel Ben-Ami discussed economic growth and if it should continue until most of the needs of the world’s population’s needs have been met.

10. Greece: what the potato movement did next -

EASIER ENGLISH: Greece – after the potato movement -

Alexandra Saliba started the year writing about creative solutions to Greece’s financial crisis (eg. guerrilla parks and suicide prevention).

Editors' choice

Racists, go home -

EASIER ENGLISH: Racists, go home -,_go_home

New Internationalist's co-editors enjoyed the article by Chris Coltrane about Britain's 'Go Home' vans in July.

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