The shame: Harrods selling Arctic ice water

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The shame: Harrods selling Arctic ice water

663 million people live without safe water in the world, so it’s terrible that Harrods sells Arctic ice water for £80, writes Chris Coltrane.


Am I depressed or is the world a terrible place? One of the terrible things is that the luxury shop in London, Harrods has started selling bottles of water – for £80 ($100). Eighty pounds. Eighty. EIGHTY! Why aren’t you screaming yet? Eighty pounds!!

Why is it so expensive? Did the Queen shower in it? Did the water go to university? The answer is more stupid than that: this water comes from Arctic ice. And Arctic ice is disappearing because of climate change, and climate change is happening because we buy so many unnecessary things.

The bottle says it is ‘Limited Edition Bottled Water’. Is it limited because they are stealing the Arctic ice and the planet will soon be so hot that we’ll have no ice?

Their website says the water is light and is perfect with any food. Of course it’s perfect with any food. BECAUSE IT’S WATER.

WaterAid says that 663 million people live in this world without safe water. But some people pay £80 for one bottle of melted ice. All the people who buy this luxury that no-one needs should feel shame.

We raised money at my London comedy club – exactly £80 – and we gave it all to WaterAid. So I know that all people are not bad. This made me feel happy again. With all the bad news, it can be easy to forget that, in general, people are great.

Chris Coltrane is a comedian and activist. Follow him on Twitter: @chris_coltrane.


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