The rich - how can we help them?

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The rich - how can we help them?

A 10-point plan for people who make important decisions, with pictures by Kate Charlesworth.

1. Gangs

Stop the terrible, criminal gangs. Arrest the leaders of the gangs and put them in prison.


(“Please come this way to pay your tax”)

2. Being parents

Give classes about how to be a parent. Teach social values and respect. Then they can teach these to their children.

3. Housing

Make them move out of the very expensive centres of the world’s capital cities. If they own houses but do not use them often, make the building public, or give it to poor people who need places to live.

4. Crime and what happens after crime

Be very tough on people who repeat crime against climate. Take away their luxury cars and private planes. Make them learn from these crimes by teaching them how to walk and to use public transport.


5. Employment

Stop rich people earning money from not doing anything (getting profit from money they didn’t even earn. Make them work instead. Stop them depending on trust funds. They don’t deserve to earn so much money. Make them do work experience.


("Well, if I really have to put food on the shelves, can I do the luxury shelves?")

6. Bad behaviour

Punish the people who take risks with money: people who bet money, cheat people and lie. They cannot expect the public to help them with money when they lose it. Punish them by making them stay at home, put electronic tags on them to track where they go, and stop them using the internet to ruin the economy of the world.


("..and what do we do to naughty boys who steal money from the public?" ".. take away their Twitter, mobile and online banking")

7. Having too many children

Stop these problem families having children. They use far too much carbon and have irresponsible lifestyles.


("they tied his trust funds ...")

8. Vandalism

Make them clean up everything they destroy.


(“Manager of BP must help clean after the oil spill.” “He won’t be good at cleaning – his office is so messy and dirty….”)

9. Responsibility in society

Teach them to start paying what they need to pay. Lesson No 1: Pay your tax.

10. Justice - pay back the money

Make the bankers who took bonus payments pay these back. They were paid too much money anyway. And the banks and businesses they took bonuses from were helped with public money, so they need to face the public and pay the money back.

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