The best of 2012

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The best: the 10 New Internationalist articles that people read most in 2012

by Amy Hall

1) ‘I was the fall guy’: Julian Assange in his own words

Before he went to London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, the founder of Wikileaks spoke to New Internationalist’s Jamie Kelsey-Fry about the government and media watching us and Cablegate.

2) The NHS is dead – and we should all be ashamed

In March, Alan Hughes warned that Britain would have many problems as the public health service is cut.


Richard Stallman in NYC mecredis

3) Richard Stallman: ‘Apple has tightest digital handcuffs in history’

In December, co-editor Hazel Healy spoke to the leader of the free software movement about Anonymous, licensing and digital freedoms.

4) Norway snatches Indian children from their parents

Mari Marcel Thekaekara wrote about the two young children taken into care because their mother fed them with her fingers.

5) The flip side to Bill Gates' charity billions

The former CEO of Microsoft has made huge donations to global health programmes – but Andrew Bowman, in April, wrote about some negative side-effects of this. - Easier English:

6) Legalize drugs - all of them!

The war on drugs costs millions of lives and billions of dollars. New Internationalist co- editor Vanessa Baird explained why this is the only good option. - Easier English:


No violence against women madaboutasia

7) A bride burnt every hour: the horror of dowry deaths

Mari Marcel Thekaekara wrote about violence against women. She asked why more people in India don’t fight against this.

8) India’s whitening obsession goes vaginal

Mari Marcel Thekaekara also wrote about the horror of encouraging women to bleach their genital area; people all over the world want lighter skin.

9) Why American Jews are falling out of love with Israel

Peace may be possible in the Israel-Palestine conflict, and American Jews may make this happen. Hazel Healy interviewed Norman Finkelstein who said Israel goes too far for liberal Jews.

10) ‘The victims need to be the subject of a campaign, not Kony’

The Kony 2012 story is so well-known, but how do people inside the country feel about it? Georgiana Keate spoke to Victor Ochen, who made the film in northern Uganda.