Teachers - how to use this wiki

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Teachers - how to use this wiki

Ideas to help develop your learners':

(including Global Justice Contexts for Presenting and Practising Grammar, developing pronunciation with Radical Phonology, 3 lessons - with minimal preparation - that work, One-to-one teaching, Jigsaw reading, Dictogloss and using various Dictations.

This is wiki is ideal as a self-access resource for learners from pre-intermediate upwards. Encourage them to choose topics they are interested in to read and tell others about. They can either simply read the Easier English article, or, if they really want to develop, click on the link at the bottom to the original article, which they will now understand.

Some learners may need some guidance, so there are many Ready Lessons, on powerpoint and PDF, that you can use (and adapt) with groups. If you have access to a screen, you can display the visuals, text and exercises. Or if learners have tablets, laptops or smart phones, they can access the links themselves. Or you can, of course, print out the articles, visuals and exercises before the lesson.

Follow us on Twitter: @EasierNewInt for new Ready Lessons and articles.

And e-mail us at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to work with us simplifying articles and/or writing Ready Lessons using the materials.