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  1. A numbers game in India
  2. A place to feel free
  3. A plan for a better media
  4. A prisoner in the house
  5. A revolution for fathers
  6. A second chance: after child marriage in Mozambique
  7. A story of feet in India
  8. A thousand small bricks – a home for migrants in Brighton
  9. A university in London wants to stop contact with universities in Israel
  10. A variety of dictations
  11. A village in Lebanon that takes more Syrian refugees than Britain
  12. A win - money for Rana Plaza
  13. A win for women in the Church of England
  14. A woman can be whatever she likes
  15. A year after the murder of Tahir Elçi
  16. Abuse of women in Brazil
  17. Action to End the Oil Age
  18. Adaptation to climate change
  19. Adivasi people: proud not primitive
  20. Africa's all-female radio service
  21. Africa: a continent of wealth, a continent of poverty
  22. African farmers must prepare for climate change
  23. African grannies and solar power
  24. Africa’s new and best young inventors
  25. After Rana Plaza
  26. Agribusiness takes Brazilian power
  27. Algerian gas plant terror: the real story
  28. Amazon: dirty work, surveillance, and exploitation
  29. America's most dangerous export
  30. An American footballer makes a protest
  31. An Earth we can live on
  32. An honest conversation with the Earth
  33. An interview with Jane Goodall
  34. An interview with comedian Rob Newman
  35. Angela Davis - her influence since 1961
  36. Another alternative to capitalism: anarchism
  37. Another crisis in Palestine: the PA
  38. Another energy future is possible
  39. Another sad death in a detention centre
  40. Answers
  41. Anthony Joseph musician from Trinidad talks about Windrush
  42. Are oil companies losing their influence on the arts?
  43. Are riots good for democracy?
  44. Are there really differences between men and women?
  45. Are we going to sit and wait for the next mine waste disaster?
  46. Are we ready to drill in Yasuní rainforest? A warning!
  47. Are we talking more or listening more on the internet?
  48. Are you working class in Britain? Then you must be white
  49. Argentina's challenges
  50. Argentina: facing the vultures
  51. Argentina’s women fight for safe, free, and legal abortion
  52. Argument: Can plastic surgery make you feel free?
  53. Argument: Has the Arab Spring failed?
  54. Argument: If we make the detention of migrants more humane, does this increase detention?
  55. Argument: If you worry about climate change, is it a good idea to have children?
  56. Argument: Is it time to stop trying to make the economy grow?
  57. Argument: Is it time to stopping trying to make the economy grow?
  58. Argument: Should the West stop giving aid to Africa?
  59. Argument: are exams bad for children?
  60. Argument: can eating meat and dairy products be sustainable?
  61. Argument: can shopping be a form of activism?
  62. Argument: should 16-year-olds vote?
  63. Around the world, one border at a time
  64. Around the world workers are still working together for their rights and sometimes they are winning
  65. Attacks at sea
  66. Aunty Ji, how do I kiss?
  67. Australia: gas hub threat
  68. Australians Lock the Gate on mining
  69. Azerbaijan’s self-important government thief
  70. BAD EDUCATION? - a 2-3 hour lesson for Intermediate learners
  71. BRAZIL - 2-3 hr lesson for Intermediate learners: lots of reading, speaking & vocabulary about interesting global justice issues in Brazil as a background to the Olympic Games
  72. BRAZIL - 2-3hr lesson for Intermediate learners: lots of reading, speaking & vocabulary about interesting global justice issues in Brazil as a background to the Olympic Games
  73. BRAZIL - for Intermediate learners: speaking/reading/vocabulary about global justice issues in Brazil - 2-3 hrs
  74. Bad Education: why we need to change it
  75. Bad medicine
  76. Bangkok street sellers live to fry another day
  77. Banners
  78. Barclays ends food speculation
  79. Basic Principles
  80. Basque Country camp to fight against fracking
  81. Bats
  82. Be careful with internet laws
  83. Behrouz Boochani: Australia is introducing a ‘new kind of fascism’
  84. Being a mother - a personal journey
  85. Benjamin Zephaniah: it's my duty to help and inspire
  86. Bethlehem at Christmas
  87. Big Thinkers on Co-operation
  88. Big Tobacco loses power in Senegal
  89. Bikini was just the beginning, bombs still threaten the islanders
  90. Black Girl Magic
  91. Bolivia: When the lake ran dry
  92. Brave Father Musala
  93. Brazil's next president has a difficult job
  94. Brazil: artists against the impeachment
  95. Brazil: development, exploitation and the 2014 world cup
  96. Brazil is about to start an "internationalism revolution"
  97. Brazil’s soft coup gets harder
  98. Brexit, the Tree, the River and the 5 Circles
  99. Bring workers' rights back into fashion
  100. British lawyers hunting for Mau Mau fighters in Kenya
  101. Burma’s angry monks
  102. Buy renewable energy!
  103. By bike across Africa
  104. CLIMATE EMERGENCY - Intermediate + - 1-2 hrs (from May/June Issue 519) - quiz, infographic, speaking, reading, writing
  107. COAL IN POLAND- Intermediate level, 2-3 hrs - speaking, reading, & vocabulary
  108. CUBA quiz: answers
  109. Cairo: the disappointments
  110. Calais - taking photos
  111. Cameroon's women want to stop breast-ironing
  112. Can "dark tourism" be good?
  113. Can a language without a home survive?
  114. Can only new ideas make a sustainable future?
  115. Can peacebuilders end the war with Boko Haram?
  116. Can we stop Monsanto or does it have total control?
  117. Can you be a world-class football player and a good dad?
  118. Capitalism - what is it?
  119. Caregory:work
  120. Categopry: technology
  121. Catholic nun can't take exam in India because of her veil
  122. Cellphone justice for sterilized women
  123. Challenge to Walmart
  124. Challenging words
  125. Chalo Nagpur: India’s women march against fascism and caste
  126. Change the system: don't keep tea workers poor
  127. Charities and business
  128. Charities make people leave their land
  129. Charlie Lowthian-Rickert is 10 years old and an activist
  130. Cheap drugs and the millionaire whistleblower
  131. Child trafficking in Nepal
  132. Child worker abuse is still common in India
  133. Chile's 9/11
  134. China: a new order?
  135. China changes its position on climate
  136. China in charge
  137. China is controlling Tibetans more and more
  138. Choose your fundamentalism in Pakistan
  139. Classroom management
  140. Climate Caravan 2014
  141. Climate caravan 2014
  142. Climate change. The people have the answers, not their leaders
  143. Climate change - what's happening? - short video
  144. Climate change action groups
  145. Climate change and colonial history: a toxic combination
  146. Climate change and the Arctic 30: our politicians are not doing enough
  147. Climate change is bad for our health
  148. Climate change is not funny
  149. Climate conference in Peru - good for nothing!
  150. Coffee with politics
  151. Colombia: will it stay peaceful?
  152. Colombian strikers see violence from the police
  153. Conservation and Cambodia's anteater
  154. Continue helping Nepal
  155. Corbyn against the nation
  156. Corruption and greed in Nigeria
  157. Corruption in Nigeria
  158. Country profile: Bolivia
  159. Country profile: Brazil
  160. Country profile: Burma
  161. Country profile: Cameroon
  162. Country profile: Central African Republic
  163. Country profile: Costa Rica
  164. Country profile: Côte D’Ivoire
  165. Country profile: Djibouti
  166. Country profile: Ecuador
  167. Country profile: El Salvador
  168. Country profile: Iran
  169. Country profile: Mauritius
  170. Country profile: North Korea
  171. Country profile: Peru
  172. Country profile: South Sudan
  173. Country profile: The Bahamas
  174. Country profile: Uganda
  175. Country profile: Venezuela
  176. Country profile - Indonesia
  177. Country profile - Malawi
  178. Country profile - Nigeria
  179. Country profile : Egypt
  180. Crime and human rights at sea
  181. Crimes of compassion to help refugees
  182. Crossing into Israel every morning to work
  183. Cry me a river
  184. Cuba's big bet
  185. Cuba – the communist party and the media
  186. DO WE WANT PUBLIC OR PRIVATE OWNERSHIP?- Upper Intermediate level, 2.5-3 hrs - speaking, reading, vocabulary & writing
  187. David Graeber - what is an anarchist?
  188. Davos: Global inequality is about power, not just wealth
  189. Death and re-birth of a lake: How water came back to the dry Aral Sea
  190. Death in the Mediterranean
  191. Debt - a global scam
  192. Debt and austerity are now in Europe
  193. Deep-sea problems
  194. Definitions - what is humanitarianism? & what is international humanitarian law?
  195. Democracy in the digital age
  196. Democracy only works when we know the truth
  197. Desertec: the renewable energy grab?
  198. Diary of a rebel
  199. Dictogloss to writing lesson
  200. Did Mandela do enough?
  201. Did we learn the right lessons from Ebola?
  202. Digital freedom: don't get angry, be open
  203. Do we want public or private ownership?
  204. Does our money-crazy world really make us happy?
  205. Doing something very difficult
  206. Domestic workers are slaves in Lebanon
  207. Don't eat turkey this Christmas
  208. Don't make Nairobi beautiful just for Barack!
  209. Dreams of freedom, dreams of control
  210. Drought in Kenya - 2.4 million starving people
  211. ENGLISH FOR PEACE? - for pre-intermediate learners (1.5 - 2 hrs)
  212. EQUALITY IN HISTORY - a pre-intermediate lesson including speaking, reading and practice of past simple - 1.5 - 2 hrs
  213. EQUALITY IN HISTORY - a pre-intermediate lesson including speaking, reading and practise of past simple - 1.5 - 2 hrs
  214. EU must stop selling arms - it's hypocrisy
  215. EU takes an important step to stop banks betting on hunger
  216. Easy lesson planning
  217. Ebola is not just a West African problem: the world must wake up
  218. Eco-divide: this changes everything
  219. Economic Myth 2: Reducing deficits is the only way out of a recession
  220. Education - change it completely?
  221. Education and fundamentalism
  222. Education is leaving behind many children
  223. Edward Snowdon is a true patriot
  224. Egypt's war on terror
  225. Egypt, defeated
  226. Egypt: what happened to democracy, freedom, stability?
  227. Election in Peru
  228. End of Ramadam: quiet strength, loud weakness
  229. Ending child marriage in Zambia
  230. Ending the Oil Age
  231. Equality: why more is good for you
  232. Escape to the street
  233. Escaping from Myanmar
  234. Ethiopia drought: crisis coming
  235. Ethiopians want justice
  236. Europe: together against refugees
  237. Europe abandons the Roma in Italy
  238. Euzhan Palcy – the first Black woman film maker in Hollywood
  239. Even in difficult times, we can still be happy...
  240. Event: What does it mean to be an "internationalist" today?
  241. Every new baby should be like a royal baby
  242. Everybody against him: Palestinian-Syrian activist Abdullah Al Khateeb
  243. FACEBOOK, GOOGLE AND AMAZON - for Intermediate learners: jigsaw reading / quiz + infographic / writing tweets - 1.5 hrs
  244. FORESTS - 1.5/2 hr lesson for Intermediate learners: Reading, Speaking, Writing
  245. FREEDOM FOR WEST PAPUA? - Intermediate 1.5-2 hr lesson - vocabulary, reading and speaking
  246. Facebook: the new censor
  247. Fake news is not just a Western problem
  248. Fat by Krys Lee
  249. Feed people - don't throw food away!
  250. Feeding the world but making a profit
  251. Female genital mutilation
  252. Feminism belongs in schools
  253. Feminists: older and younger
  254. Feminists should take action on changes to the Gender Recognition Act
  255. FiSahara: film festival in the desert
  256. Fighting Ebola
  257. Fighting Mr Fake
  258. Fighting for India's health
  259. Fighting for food
  260. Fighting to save the NHS
  261. Fighting waste: problems in Lebanon
  262. First Indian transgender newsreader
  263. Fishing for justice in Brazil
  264. Five climate struggles to watch in 2019
  265. Five problems with the media
  266. Five ways to fight racism in Brexit Britain
  267. Five ways to help stop climate breakdown
  268. Fjords or money?
  269. Food should be for people, not cars
  270. Football for child miners in Burkina Faso
  271. Football for child miners in Burkino Faso
  272. Football must stop working with oil companies
  273. For climate action, ‘mass civil disobedience’ is the only way
  274. For the refugees in Western Sahara it is a story of waiting
  275. Forest bathing
  276. Forests: green machines
  277. Forget boundaries; we need bridges
  278. Fracking – four things UN climate negotiators must know
  279. Freedom with no hijab: Masih Alinejad
  280. From inside the climate talks
  281. G8 hunger summit: protest and praise
  283. Gaelle Enganamouit: ‘We are helping the African girls of tomorrow to play football’
  284. Gay rights group wins in court in Kenya
  285. Genocide - the Rohingya of Burma
  286. Ghosts by Ana Mendez
  287. Gina Lopez fights against Philippine mining
  288. Giving up our ideals is no longer an option
  289. Global Trade Day: power to big businesses or power to the people?
  290. Global climate march: pictures from around the world
  291. Goa and the western paedophile group
  292. Great! - something positive in India!
  293. Greece: after the potato movement
  294. Greece welcomes big hydrocarbon companies to its lands and seas
  296. Haiti and its French past
  297. Hard road to justice
  298. Hart Island is New York’s secret graveyard
  299. Health crisis in West Africa - and it's not Ebola
  300. Heat that kills in the Global South
  301. Help Kurdish secular democrats to beat Islamic State
  302. Help for activists
  303. Help us finish the film "The Spirit Level"
  304. Help us raise money for independent journalism
  305. Help with grammar
  306. Helping Syrian refugees
  307. Helping in two clicks: technology and charity
  308. Helping refugees in Athens
  309. Hindu fundamentalism
  310. Home sweet home
  311. How Anonymous got political
  312. How Black Lives Matter has changed US politics
  313. How Britain helped create this refugee crisis
  314. How Google, Facebook and Amazon won the world
  315. How Somalia ended piracy
  316. How Turkey’s people lost their rights
  317. How about working less?
  318. How big businesses are using robots on the farm
  319. How can I stop feeling angry about the world?
  320. How can we secure food supplies?
  321. How can you say no?
  322. How do you stop the cycle of homelessness?
  323. How does the West show indigenous people?
  324. How green is China?
  325. How immigrants are changing US politics
  326. How much do you know about the world and global justice issues?
  327. How patriarchy continues
  328. How the war on piracy became big business
  329. How to be a good Indian woman
  330. How to be free
  331. How to make people want to change the inequality
  332. How to make room for refugees
  333. How to make your local police like the military
  334. How to stop illegal fishing
  335. How to teach grammar and functions - the basics
  336. How to teach pronunciation - the basics
  337. How to teach vocabulary - the basics
  338. How will the Global South pay for climate change damage?
  339. Hugo Chávez
  340. Human angels
  341. Human rights defender found drowned in dam
  342. Human rights in Ethiopia
  343. Human traffic - the terrible organ trade
  344. Humanity for refugees?
  345. INDIA'S WOMEN MARCH a 2-hr lesson for Pre-Intermediate learners: vocabulary, reading, speaking + writing
  346. I am what I am
  347. I love Britain
  348. I speak for the girls
  349. I was watched by BP
  350. I was wrong about Extinction Rebellion. This is why.
  351. I will never give up my land
  352. If all drugs were legal, what would happen?
  353. If we all decide to be vegan tomorrow…
  354. Illegal logging in Cambodia
  355. Important work: Catherine Hamlin
  356. In Bangalore, they separate waste to save the city
  357. In Bolsonaro’s Brazil, dams are dangerous
  358. In Gaza, keeping strong is no longer enough
  359. In Israel it’s business as usual, Obama or not
  360. In Uganda parents must choose between government schools or private schools – both have their problems
  361. In pictures: Tibet with a new road
  362. In pictures: family literacy in the Philippines
  363. In pictures: recycling at the Remakery in Brixton
  364. In the middle of the fighting in Colombia
  365. India's 'Smart City' plans - problems with slums
  366. India's Muslim women say "No second wife!"
  367. India's elections
  368. India's love of gold increases the gap between rich and poor
  369. India's xenophobic shame
  370. India: men and
  371. India - the 'world's pharmacy' - is failing its own people
  372. Indigenous Brazilians fight to protect their land
  373. Indigenous culture can save the planet
  374. Indigenous organisations in Peru
  375. Indonesians won't stop fighting
  376. Inside Cameroon's civil war
  377. Inside Dunkirk’s new refugee camp
  378. Interview with Bahraini activist Maryam Abdulhadi al-Khawaja
  379. Interview with Jon Snow (British newsreader and journalist) - "Twitter is amazing!"
  380. Interview with Kati Hiekkapelto: nature, racist bullying and punk
  381. Interview with Ken Loach, socialist film director
  382. Interview with photographer Steve McCurry
  383. Introducing .... Beppe Grillo
  384. Introducing… Freddy Lim
  385. Introducing… Kenya’s dam buster
  386. Introduction by John Pilger
  387. Is Britain making a big mistake with the Chagos Islands?
  388. Is China good for Africa?
  389. Is Monsanto on the side of science?
  390. Is Silicon Valley too big?
  391. Is animal testing necessary for medical research?
  392. Is being a surrogate mother a good way out of poverty?
  393. Is democracy in danger?
  394. Is ethical gold possible?
  395. Is flying still a possibility?
  396. Is it a good idea for prostitution to be legal?
  397. Is it a good idea for religion to be part of politics?
  398. Is it a good idea to have a basic income?
  399. Is it a good idea to say that everyone must vote?
  400. Is it a good idea to stop halal and kosher ways of killing animals?
  401. Is it time for the end of the UN Security Council?
  402. Is it time to leave social media?
  403. Is male circumcision bad for you?
  404. Is nuclear power necessary for a carbon-free world?
  405. Is pacifism the best way in today’s world?
  406. Is social media bad for us?
  407. Is technology helping the poor?
  408. Is there a feminist spring?
  409. Is there a place for genetically modified (GM) crops in a sustainable future?
  410. Is vegan activism too aggressive?
  411. It’s lonely on the Left in Hong Kong
  412. It’s time to take oil away from our arts and culture
  413. Jakarta's water problems
  414. Jamila Afghani: Afghan campaigner for women’s rights
  415. Jamila Afghani - a 2.5 hour lesson for intermediate learners
  416. Japan: building the future, living in the past?
  417. Jes Aznar: Photographer in the Philippines
  418. Jigsaw reading group lesson
  419. John Pilger: Australia's silent apartheid
  420. Join the fight for the bees, David Cameron
  421. Journalism in Mexico: Seeing my own death
  422. Jules' training sessions August 2017
  423. Justice, Mr Gove?
  424. Justice for Argentina’s baby kidnappers
  425. KEY
  426. KEY - Bank quiz
  427. KEY - if you need it!
  428. Kamlari slave girls help to change lives in Nepal
  429. Keeping UKIP out of the European parliament
  430. Keeping schools open in Yemen
  431. Ken Loach talks about his new film, ‘I, Daniel Blake’ about the problems in the welfare system
  432. Kenyan railway will destroy the slums
  433. Kenya’s refugee reporters
  434. Kids at work: a Dalit activist in India
  435. Kids at work: a YouTube vlogger
  436. Kids at work: a migrant in Italy
  437. Killer robots: the race for Autonomous Weapons
  438. Killing whales: the hypocrisy of the West
  439. Kneeling - a 2 hour lesson for Intermediate classes: vocabulary, reading, grammar, speaking
  440. Krey vs Rio Tinto
  443. LETTER FROM DHAKA - Intermediate - 3-4 hrs (from May/June Issue 519) - Vocabulary, Reading, Speaking, Grammar - second conditional
  444. LITTLE AFRICA IN CHINA - Upper Intermediate - 3-4 hrs (from March/April Issue 518) - Vocabulary, Reading,Speaking, Writing
  445. Land in Mozambique
  446. Languages big and small - the facts
  447. Laughing and crying online
  448. Laughing at the police
  449. Lessons in peace from the First World War
  450. Let's talk about sex ... in the Arab world
  451. Letter from Bangui: the long walk
  452. Letter from Bangui - a visit to the Ba'aka forest people
  453. Letter from Botswana: beautiful blue
  454. Letter from Dhaka: The bangle seller
  455. Letter from Dhaka: careful photos
  456. Life after disasters
  457. Lithuanian, Romanian - what's the difference?
  458. Living below the (poverty) line - not easy
  459. Living on One Dollar a Day - the reality
  460. Living with fracking
  461. Living with the storms in the Philippines
  462. London arms fair protesters are ‘Not Guilty’ – but will the real criminals go to court?
  463. Longer term planning
  464. Look who is wearing the pants!
  465. Looking East: can meditation help the West to give up antidepressant drugs?
  466. Looking at Rio's favelas
  467. Looking for lost soldiers
  468. Love without touch
  469. MARIELLE FRANCO - a 2 to 2.5 hour lesson for Upper Intermediate learners: speaking, reading, vocabulary, grammar (questions & conditionals) and writing
  470. MOBILE PHONES - a 1 to 2 hour lesson for Intermediate learners: speaking, reading, vocabulary and writing
  471. Mad Max and water scarcity
  472. Maggi noodles banned in India
  473. Make drugs legal
  474. Making migration work
  475. Making people move out for sport in Rio
  476. Mandela, my hero!
  477. Mandela and the spirit of South Africa
  478. Maple Spring
  479. Matteo Salvini - Italy’s far right politician?
  480. Mauritius: when a house is not a home
  481. Measuring progress
  482. Medicine and modern life
  483. Meet the people who make money from protests
  484. Meklit Hadero - singer from Ethiopia
  485. Menstrual sanitation is not just a ladies issue
  486. Mexico: country profile
  487. Mexico says no to Monsanto
  488. Migrant dreams and European reality
  489. Migrants protest in British detention centres
  490. Migration - the West caused the problems
  491. Military clothes and flowery scarves: the Rojava women fighters
  492. Millennials – will they have the chance to be adults?
  493. Modern life is rubbish
  494. Monsanto - The World Food Prize?
  495. Monsanto - the farmer's friend?
  496. More and more cities refuse to invest in dirty fuels
  497. More deforestation in the Amazon - why?
  498. More environmental killings: more forests disappearing
  499. More migrants suffering in Greece
  500. More pain

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