Sleep later on St.George's Day

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Sleep later for St George

23 April is St.George’s Day. A day of no action is planned. This is to celebrate migration and to show how important immigrants are. The rightwing newspapers say we need to cut immigration.

There is a national Facebook campaign to encourage people not born in England, (or with close family not born in England) to take a day off work. This is to make it very clear how important immigrants are to the country. We hope not many people will need medical attention, because 30 per cent of all NHS professionals were born in other countries.

Aliena Amicus started the campaign. She does not use her real name because she is afraid. She says that immigrants do not take from society (as many newspapers say), but they have brought, and still bring, great economic and social benefits to the country.


It is sad that the symbol of St George, (patron saint of England), has been taken and used by fascist organizations eg. the English Defence League.

People think that George was born in Cappadocia, (now Turkey). Later, he was executed in Palestine for his Christian beliefs, early in the third century. He is also the patron saint of nine other countries, including Ethiopia, Georgia and Palestine.


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