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Lesson plans:

1/ 6 easy-to-use lesson plans for beginners: word-phrase-task format:

Media:6 lesson plans - word-phrase-task.pdf

2/ 4 easy-to-use lesson plans for intermediate learners: words-reading-speaking/writing format:

Media:4 intermediate lesson plans - reading, vocabulary, speaking and writing.pdf

(texts and images from New Internationalist Easier English wiki)

3/ 5 easy-to-use lesson plans for learners at pre-intermediate level and above: TTT (TestTeachTest) format:

Lesson plans for learners of pre-intermediate level and above: TTT (Test - Teach - Test) format:

Media:5 simple TTT (TestTeachTest) lessons.pdf

4/ 20 lesson plans for Intermediate (B1) level and 20 lesson plans for Upper-Intermediate (B2) level learners, all written by Chris Sowton as part of a project in Turkey, teaching groups of refugees:

5/ Lesson plans developed by the Care4Calais team at the refugee camp in Calais in 2016 by a team including Alex Green:



Sets of visuals based around topics for teaching basic vocabulary:

Language (grammar and functions) for each level: basic rules/patterns and suggestions for simple practice tasks:

Media:Possible language for basic beginner learners.pdf

Media:Possible language for pre-intermediate learners.pdf

Media:Possible language for intermediate learners.pdf

Media:Possible language for upper intermediate learners.pdf

Graded readers: - can be downloaded