Refugee crisis in Lesbos gets worse as winter comes

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Refugee crisis in Lesbos gets worse as winter comes

New Internationalist co-editor Hazel Healy went to Greece for 5 days (28 October - 1 November). Her ‘Storify’ report below shows the lives of refugees trying to get to Europe, the Greeks and other volunteers who are trying to help, and the European border controls that created this crisis.


'We hope we have finished the biggest step.' Palestinians from Yarmouk camp, arrived on the Greek island Lesbos. by Hazel Healy

In the 5 days Hazel was on Lesbos, more than 60 people died in the Aegean Sea trying to get to Europe. About half of these were children.

Refugees have not stopped crossing the dangerous 10km of water from Turkey because of bad winter weather. More of them are crossing now.

There are strong winds and rough seas. The rescue boats do not have enough money or equipment. So many refugee boats often do not get across.

Hundreds of people have died trying to get to Europe this year, half of them in October. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said it is urgent for search-and-rescue to improve. He says countries must make more legal, safe routes for refugees to get to Europe.

Look at Hazel’s story, in tweets and photos here: