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Upper intermediate learners can, of course, access any of these Easier English articles by themselves, but these Ready Lessons might encourage them to get interested in topics of global justice, and sometimes it's just a lot less effort. There are 2 versions of each lesson, ppt - which you can download and then adapt for your class, and pdf:

DO WE WANT PUBLIC OR PRIVATE OWNERSHIP?- Upper Intermediate - 2.5-3 hrs (from May Issue 512) - speaking, reading, vocabulary & writing

Media:Do we want public or private ownership.pptx

Media:Do we want public or private ownership.pdf

MARIELLE FRANCO- Upper Intermediate - 2 to 2.5 hrs (from March Issue 510) - speaking, reading, vocabulary, grammar (questions & conditionals) and writing

Media:Marielle Franco.pptx

Media:Marielle Franco.pdf

NEWS AROUND THE WORLD- Upper Intermediate - 2-3 hrs (from January / February Issue 509) - speaking, reading, vocabulary, writing and grammar (practice of conditionals and passive)

Media:News around the world.pptx

Media:News around the world.pdf


WHOSE STREETS ARE THEY?- Upper Intermediate - 3 hrs (from December Issue 508) - speaking, reading, vocabulary, and pronunciation

Media:Whose streets are they.pptx

Media:Whose streets are they.pdf


THE FUTURE WITH ROBOTS- Upper Intermediate - 3 hrs (from November Issue 507) - speaking, reading, vocabulary, focus on predictions and writing (pros and cons of robotics & automation)

Media:The future with robots new int version.pptx

Media:The future with robots new int version.pdf


WOMEN AND MEN- Upper Intermediate - 2-2.5 hrs (from September Issue 505) - speaking, vocabulary, reading, focus on language of generalisations and writing practice

Media:Women and Men.pptx

Media:Women and Men.pdf

SHORT NEWS STORIES FROM 2016- Upper Intermediate - 1.5 hrs (from Jan / Feb Issue 499) - reading, speaking and grammar (passives)

Media:Short news stories from 2016.pptx

Media:Short news stories from 2016.pdf


TAX - Upper-Intermediate - 2 hrs (from December Issue 498) - jigsaw reading, speaking, collocations and writing a formal letter.



THE MINE THAT KILLS - Upper-Intermediate - 1.5-2 hrs (from November Issue 497) - speaking, reading (scanning and for detail), vocabulary (phrases), planning paragraphs and writing a formal letter.

Media:The mine that kills.pptx

Media:The mine that kills.pdf


SAUDI ARABIA - Upper-intermediate 1.5-2 hrs (from March Issue 490) - quiz + infographic, speaking, reading, language extension and writing posters.

Media:Saudi Arabia.pptx

Media:Saudi Arabia.pdf

FUNDAMENTALISM - Upper Intermediate - 1.5 hrs (from June Issue 483) - speaking, vocabulary, jigsaw reading



GLOBAL BANKS - Upper Intermediate - 2 hrs (from May Issue 482) - quiz, infographic, jigsaw reading, speaking, youtube listening, writing tweets and bumper stickers to summarize

Media:Global Banks.pptx

Media:Global Banks.pdf


DEMOCRACY - Upper-Intermediate - 1.5 hrs (from Jan/Feb Issue 479) - speaking, quiz, vocabulary, reading, and choice of speaking or writing to finish




CHARITIES AND NGOS - Upper-Intermediate - 2.5 - 3 hrs (from December Issue 478) - quiz, jigsaw-reading, review of conditionals and letter writing

Media:Charities and NGOs.ppt

Media:Charities and NGOs.pdf

DEVELOPMENT - Upper Intermediate - 1.5 - 2 hrs (from September Issue 475) - speaking, vocabulary, dictogloss and reading




THE ORGAN TRADE - Upper Intermediate - 2 hrs (from May Issue 472) - speaking, writing about graphs and infographics, reading and poster-making

Media:The organ trade.ppt

Media:The organ trade.pdf

WHERE ARE THE FORESTS GOING? - Upper Intermediate - 2 hrs (from May Issue 472) - grammar: verbs, prepositions and articles, reading and speaking

Media:Where are the forests going?.ppt

Media:Where are the forests going?.pdf


DETENTION CENTRES - Upper intermediate - 2-3 hrs (from Jan/Feb Issue 469) - reading, speaking, vocabulary and letter-writing

Media:Detention centres.ppt

Media:Detention centres.pdf

FRACKING - Upper intermediate to Advanced - 2-3 hrs (from Dec Issue 468), based on this 17-page pdf "the fracking files": Media:the fracking files.pdf - reading, vocabulary and speaking




"NOT THE SPAIN I KNEW" - Intermediate to Upp Int - 1-2 hrs (from Dec Issue 468) - reading, discussion and essay-writing

Media:Not the Spain I knew.ppt

Media:Not the Spain I knew.pdf

"WE ARE ABLE: DEVELOPING READING SKILLS" - Intermediate to Upp Int - 1.5-2 hrs (from Nov Issue 467) - reading, vocabulary and error correction

Media:We are able.pdf

Media:We are able.ppt


"CHALLENGE TO WALMART" - Intermediate to Upp Int - 1-2 hrs (from Nov Issue 467) - reading, vocabulary, speaking and essay-writing

Media:Challenge to Walmart.pdf

Media:Challenge to Walmart.ppt

"NO GIRLS" - Upper Intermediate - 2-3 hrs - example of a "flipped class", where learners do homework before the class, then use class-time to develop higher-level skills (from Oct Issue 466) - speaking, reading, vocabulary and letter-writing

Media:No girls.ppt

Media:No girls.pdf


"IMPROVE YOUR READING AND VOCABULARY" - Upper Intermediate - 1 hr (from Sept Issue 465) - reading skills and vocabulary development

Media: Improve your reading and vocabulary.ppt

Media: Improve your reading and vocabulary.pdf

"FREE INTERNET?" - Upper Intermediate - 2-3 hrs (from December Issue 458) - reading, vocabulary and speaking

Media:the internet.ppt

Media:free internet?.pdf

"HEALTH FOR THE WORLD" - Upper Intermediate - 2-3 hrs (from November Issue 457) - grammar: review of conditionals, reading, vocabulary, speaking and listening, and writing

Media:Health for the world.ppt

Media:Health for the world.pdf

"YOUTH" - Upper Intermediate - 2-3 hrs (from October Issue 456) - quiz, infographics, reading and speaking




"DRUGS" - Upper Intermediate - 2-3 hrs (from September Issue 455) - speaking, vocabulary and reading



"CO-OPERATION OR COMPETITION?" - Upper Intermediate - 2-3 hrs (from July/August Issue 454) - grammar: practice of comparatives and superlatives, vocabulary, speaking and reading

Media:Cooperation or competition.pdf

Media:Cooperation or competition.ppt

"ARGUMENTS" - Upper Intermediate - 3hrs (from the Arguments Section) - reading, vocabulary and speaking