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Many of these global justice topics are complex, and the articles are often written in complex language - but here we have an introduction to some of the topics in simple language with tasks that pre-intermediate learners can do in class. There are 2 versions of the Ready Lessons, ppt - which you can download and then adapt for your class, and pdf:

HELP NATURE!.- a 1-2 hr Pre-intermediate + lesson (from January / February Issue 529) - including quiz, vocabulary, ordering words, reading, matching and making protest banners

Here are two versions of this lesson: powerpoint (can be adapted) and PDF:

Media:Help nature!.pptx

Media:Help nature!.pdf

PLASTIC- Elementary - 2-3 hrs (from November/December Issue 516) - questions, vocabulary, reading, present simple statements,& writing



EQUALITY IN HISTORY - Pre-Intermediate - 1.5-2 hrs (from July/Aug Issue 504) - reading, speaking and grammar (past simple)

Media:Equality in history.pptx

Media:Equality in history.pdf

INDIA'S WOMEN MARCH- Pre-Intermediate - 2 hrs (from March Issue 500) - vocabulary, reading, speaking and writing

Media:India's women march.pptx

Media:India's women march.pdf

WATER - Pre-Intermediate - 1 hr (from July/August Issue 494) - speaking, vocabulary, reading and grammar (so) .



ENGLISH FOR PEACE? - Pre-intermediate - 1.5-2 hrs (from May Issue 492) - grammar: questions, infographic, speaking, reading, vocabulary and writing formal letter.

Media:English for peace.pptx

Media:English for peace.pdf

SPORT - Pre-intermediate 1.5-2 hrs (from March Issue 490) - speaking, reading, vocabulary, grammar (modal verbs) and writing news reports.




STORIES - HELPING REFUGEES - Pre-intermediate 1.5-2 hrs (from January / February Issue 489) - speaking, reading, vocabulary, grammar (verb tense review) and writing tweets.

Media:Stories about helping refugees.pptx

Media:Stories - helping refugees.pdf

NEWS STORIES - Pre-intermediate - 1.5 hrs (from January / February Issue 489) - speaking, vocabulary and reading.

Media:News stories.pptx

Media:News stories.pdf


OTHER COUNTRIES - Pre-intermediate - 2 hrs (from June Issue 483 & December Issue 488) - speaking, reading, vocabulary and grammar (comparatives).

Media:Other countries.pdf

Media:Other countries.pptx

SHARING - Pre-intermediate - 1.5-2 hrs (from December Issue 488) - speaking, vocabulary, reading and writing an email.



CLIMATE TALKS - Pre-intermediate - 2 - 2.5 hrs (from November Issue 487) - a Test-Teach-Test lesson including speaking, vocabulary, listening, reading, grammar (modal verbs:could/should/must) and writing tweets.

Media:Climate Talks.pdf

Media:Climate Talks.pptx

REFUGEES IN LESBOS - Pre-intermediate - 1.5 hrs (from November Issue 487) - vocabulary, reading and writing.

Media:Refugees in Lesbos.pdf

Media:Refugees in Lesbos.ppt

WHY CYCLE ACROSS AFRICA? - Pre-intermediate - 1-2 hrs (from October Issue 486) - vocabulary, grammar (infinitive of purpose) reading, speaking and making protest banners.

Media:Why cycle across Africa?.pdf

Media:Why cycle across Africa?.ppt

SYRIAN REFUGEES AROUND THE WORLD - Pre-intermediate - 1.5-2 hrs (from September Issue 485 and October Issue 486) - vocabulary, reading and speaking.

Media:Syrian refugees around the world.pdf

Media:Syrian refugees around the world.ppt

FUNDAMENTALISM AND BRITISH VALUES - Pre-intermediate - 1 - 1.5 hrs (from June Issue 483) - vocabulary, reading, grammar (comparatives) and speaking This lesson is related to the UK government's "British Values / Prevent" initiative for use in UK schools and colleges, but, of course, can be adapted to other contexts.

Media:Fundamentalism and British Values.pdf

Media:Fundamentalism and British Values.pptx

WOMEN AND CLOTHES - Pre-Intermediate - 1 - 1.5 hrs (from July/August Issue 484) - speaking, vocabulary, grammar (past simple practice) and reading

Media:Women and clothes.pdf

Media:Women and clothes.ppt

REFUGEE STORIES - Pre-intermediate - 1 hr (from March Issue 480) - speaking, vocabulary and reading

Media:Refugee Stories.ppt

Media:Refugee Stories.pdf


SMOKING AND POWER - Elementary - 1-2 hrs (from June Issue 473) - speaking, vocabulary, reading and poster-making

Media:Smoking and power.ppt

Media:Smoking and power.pdf


LANGUAGES - Elementary - 1-2 hrs (from June Issue 473)- grammar: word order in questions and comparisons, speaking and reading