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1. West Papua is:

a) an independent country. b) part of Indonesia. c) part of Papua New Guinea.

2. How many people live in West Papua?

a) About 400,000 b) About 4 million c) About 4 billion

3. What is the level of illiteracy (of people who are 15 – 44) in West Papua?

a) 15% b) 35% c) 55%

4. One problem in West Papua is that

a) there are not enough new settlers. b) settlers go to the countryside and mountains. c) local people have a high level of HIV.

5. How many people from West Papua were arrested because of politics in 2016:

a) 80 b) 800 c) 8000

6. 1% of the rainforest in the world is in West Papua and Papua New Guinea. What % of the world’s plant and animal species do they have?

a) 1% b) 3% c) 5%

Check your answers on this infographic, or on the link below: