QUIZ - Trade Unions

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How much do you know about Trade Unions around the world? Try this quiz, then check your answers on the infographic:

1) Which country has the highest percentage of workers in a Trade Union?

a) Iceland b) Sweden c) Canada

2) There is no guarantee of workers' rights in:

a) Ghana and Chile b) Kenya and the US c) Belarus and Qatar

3) Which areas of the world have the least reliable working conditions?

a) S. Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa b) N. Africa and Latin America c) S.E.Asia and the Pacific

4) Which is the biggest international group of unions?:

a) PSI (Public Services International)

b) UNI (Union Network International)

c) ITF (International Transport Workers Federation)

5) In Britain, what percentage of public sector workers are in a union?

a) 84% b) 54% c) 14%

6) In Britain, what percentage of private sector workers are in a union?

a) 84% b) 54% c) 14%

7) Union members in Britain earn, on average, how much more than non-union members per hour?:

a) 10p b) £2 c)£5

8) In the US, what percentage of workers are in a union?

a) about 3% b) about 10% c) about 40%

Now check your answers here: http://www.newint.org/features/2016/09/01/trade-unions-the-facts/

Or here: