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1. About how many trans people are there in the world?

(a) 15,000 (b) 1,500,000 (c) 15,000,000

2. In which country were most trans people killed in the last 7 years?

(a) The US (b) Brazil (c) China

3. What % of trans people in the US say they have been badly treated at work?

(a) 90% (b) 75% (c) 60%

4. No-one is allowed to legally change gender in at least:

(a) 25 countries (b) 60 countries (c) 90 countries

5. Some of the countries that force trans people to divorce before they can legally change gender are:

(a) Finland, Russia, Turkey and France (b) Argentina, Denmark, Malta and Ireland (c) New Zealand, Canada and Britain

Now look at this infographic to check your answers: http://newint.org/features/2015/10/01/transgender-infograph-the-facts/