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'''6/ People first used money as gold in (what is now) Turkey in:'''
'''6/ People first used gold as money in (what is now) Turkey in:'''
''a) 600 BC''
''a) 600 BC''

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How much do you know about gold?

Choose the correct answer:

1/ What do "black gold" and "liquid gold" mean?

a) earth and sun

b) expensive and cheap gold

c) oil and water

2/ How much gold exists in the world?

a) about 20 tonnes

b) about 200,000 tonnes

c) about 2,000,000 tonnes


3/ How much gold do we mine now per year?

a) about 200 tonnes

b) about 2,000 tonnes

c) about 20,000 tonnes

4/ What percentage of the world's gold is now kept in the Federal Reserve in Manhattan?

a) about 5%

b) about 25%

c) about 50%

5/ When was the US dollar separated from the value of gold?

a) 1971

b) 1981

c) 1991


6/ People first used gold as money in (what is now) Turkey in:

a) 600 BC

b) 100 BC

c) 100 AD

7/ How much does one ounce of gold cost now?

a) $1,000

b) $5,000

c) $10,000

8/ How much gold do mining companies in South Africa say they lose to illegal miners?

a) 1%

b) 5%

c) 10%

Now read this to check your answers: