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1) What percentage of people in Africa go hungry? a) 9% b) 19% c) 29%

2) Which continent has the most hungry people? a) Africa b) Asia c) South America

3) What percentage of the world are overweight or obese? a) about 20% b) about 33% c) about 50%

4) What percentage of obese under-5s live in Asia and Africa? a) 25% b) 45% c) 65%

5) How many people in the world cannot afford a healthy diet? a) 1 billion b) 2 billion c) 3 billion

6) In the last 50 years, world population has grown by 120% - how much has food production grown by? a) 120% b) 200% c) 300%

7) How much of the world’s food is wasted? a) 10% b) 20% c) 30%

8) How much money is spent in the US every year on growing, transporting, processing and disposing of food that is never eaten? a) 118 billion dollars b) 218 billion dollars c) 318 billion dollars

9) How many people in the world could be suffering from extreme hunger because of Covid-19? a) 70 million b) 170 million c) 270 million

10) How many people in the UK used foodbanks in the first few weeks of Covid-19 lockdown? a) 1.7 million b) 2.7 million c) 3.7 million

When you've thought about the questions and maybe discussed them, check your answers on the infographic below: