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1) Which 5 countries have most forest?:

a) US, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia and Indonesia

b) Canada, Russia, Brazil, US and China

c) Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, Mexico and Canada

2) What % of the forest in the world has been cut down already?

a) 40%

b) 60%

c) 80%

3) Which area has lost most forest?:

a) South America

b) Africa

c) South and South-east Asia

4) How much forest is destroyed every year by illegal cutting of trees?

a) 2 million hectares

b) 5 million hectares

c) 10 million hectares

5) What % of greenhouse gas emissions are from deforestation?

a) about 8%

b) about 15%

c) about 20%

6) In 10km2 of rainforest, there can be:

a) 750 types of tree, 400 types of bird and 150 types of butterfly

b) 75 types of tree, 40 types of bird and 15 types of butterfly

c) 7 types of tree, 4 types of bird and 2 types of butterfly

7) What % of medications come from rainforest plants?

a) 10%

b) 25%

c) 50%

Now check your answers on the infographic below, or on this link:http://newint.org/features/2016/04/01/forest-facts/


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