QUIZ - Democracy in 2015

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QUIZ – Democracy in 2015


1. How many people in the world now use the Internet?

a) 30 million b) 300 million c) 3 billion

2. What percentage of internet users are in:

a) Europe? b) Africa? c) Asia?

3. What percentage of the population have Internet in:

a) North America? b) Africa? C) Europe?

4. How many emails are sent every second?

a) About 2.5 thousand b) About 2.5 million c) About 2.5 billion

5. Which country has the most journalists in prison?

a) USA b) China c) Turkey

6. Name 5 of the countries with the most censorship of the Internet in the world.

7. How many people are there in China’s Internet police?

a) 500,000 b) I million c) 2 million

8. How many people now use Facebook?:

a) 1,350 b) 1,350 thousand c) 1,350 million

To find the answers, look at this infographic, below or here: http://www.newint.org/features/2015/01/01/digital-democracy-facts/

And then read more about it: