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Quiz: How do we get to zero carbon emissions?

Part 1: NOW – current carbon emissions in the world

What produces more carbon emissions?

1/ a) Road b) air or c) rail transport?

2/ a) Iron and steel b) Food production c) Paper processing d) Mineral mining?

3/ a) Residential buildings or b) commercial/public buildings?

4/ a) Deforestation or b) livestock (animal farming) and manure?

5/ a) The oil/gas industry b) the coal industry? or c) energy we lose by producing and transmitting it?

Part 2: Cutting carbon to zero – a plan:

Think of 3 ways:

6/ industry can cut carbon emissions

7/ buildings can cut carbon

8/ we can cut carbon emissions from transport

9/ we can cut carbon emissions from energy

10/ governments can make policies related to energy, land, transport, industry and buildings to cut carbon emissions

Check your answers on this infographic: https://newint.org/features/2019/05/09/how-do-we-get-zero-carbon-emissions