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Have you heard about Ebola lately? How much do you know about Ebola? Try this quick quiz:

1. Which 3 countries were most affected by Ebola?:

a) Sierra Leone, Liberia and Côte D'Ivoire

b) Ghana, Guinea and Senegal

c) Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone

2. How much money did the economies of the 3 countries lose because of Ebola?:

a) $3 - 4 billion

b) $3 - 4 million

c) $3 - 40,000

3. About how many people died of Ebola in Africa?:

a) 18,000

b) 11,000

c) 7,000

4. How many people died of Ebola outside Africa?:

a) 15

b) 150

c) 1500

5. When were the last new cases of Ebola in the epidemic?:

a) January 2015

b) August 2015

c) November 2015

6. In the UK, there are 280 doctors for 100,000 people. How many doctors are there in Sierra Leone for 100,000 people?:

a) 2

b) 20

c) 200

Now check your answers on this infographic: facts-zoom.jpg or on this zoom-in version here: http://www.newint.org/features/2016/06/01/ebola-facts/ Now read more about Ebola in Easier English: