QUIZ: Internet giants

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QUIZ – Internet giants

1) How many emails are sent in the world on a typical day?:

a) 2 billion b) 20 billion c) 200 billion

2) What percentage of internet searches are with Google?:

a) 51% b) 71% c) 91%

3) What is the value of Google, Facebook and Amazon together?:

a) Over $1,000 billion b) about $100 billion c) less than $10 billion

4) How many active members does Facebook have?:

a) 1.65 thousand b) 1.65 million c) 1.65 billion

5) How many companies has Facebook bought since 2005?:

a) 5 b) 50 c) 500

6) How much money does Amazon owner Jeff Bezos have?:

a) about $50 million b) about $50 billion c) about $50 trillion

Now check here (zoom version):


Or here:


Or if you still can’t find the answers: 1)c 2)b 3)a 4)c 5)b 6)a