QUIZ: Black Lives - The Facts

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How many facts do you know about black lives around the world? - try this QUIZ, then check your answers in the infographic below:

1/ How many times more likely is it for a young black person in England and Wales to go to prison than a young white person?

a) 3 times

b) 6 times

c) 9 times

2/ In South Africa, how much do white people earn compared to black people?

a) twice as much

b) 5 times more

c) 10 times more

3/ In the US, Australia and England, how many white babies die at birth compared to black or indigenous babies?

a) the same

b) about twice as many black or indigenous babies die as white

c) about twice as many white babies die as black or indigenous

4/ Which group has the highest and lowest levels of employment in the UK?

a) highest: mixed race, and lowest: black

b) highest: Pakistani, and lowest: mixed race

c) highest: white, and lowest: Bangladeshi


NOW READ THE ORIGINAL: https://newint.org/features/2018/03/01/black-lives-the-facts