Podcast: Is there still time for a renewable future?

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PODCAST: Is there still time for a renewable future?

by Phil England


Do we work with communities around the world for a different future of safer, fairer energy? (Emilian Robert Vicol under a Creative Commons Licence)

Phil England and his guests say that we can produce enough power for Britain and the world with renewable energy and with good use of energy in this month’s Climate Radio podcast.

Phil talks to Alice Hooker-Stroud (research co-ordinator for Zero Carbon Britain (ZCB) at the Centre for Alternative Technology) and Danny Chivers, (lead author on Two Energy Futures (TEF)) about alternative energy solutions.

Listen to the podcast. http://climateradio.org/our-renewable-future/

‘It’s a very important time. It’s time for humans to make a choice. We could do nothing and allow fossil fuel companies and oil-friendly governments to take us into a dark and dirty future? Or we could work with communities around the world to stop these extreme energy projects, and have a different future of safer, fairer energy.' Two Energy Futures.

A new report by Zero Carbon Britain talks about two new pieces of research. The first is about varying supply and demand and what we need to do to have energy all day and night if we use 100 per cent renewable energy. The second is about how we feed ourselves well, using the land available to us in Britain.

Two Energy Futures starts with the Zero Carbon Britain plan, together with knowledge about how much renewable energy we could produce around the world. It compares this cleaner, fairer energy future with the best plan that governments and businesses are offering us now – a world full of extreme energy and dangerous climate change.

'Utopias are not impossible, they are the best dreams that people have. It we fight very hard, we can, and must, make these dreams come true.’ Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo, Mayor of Marinaleda (in ‘The Village Against the World’ by Dan Hancox).

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