Photo story: The Jungle in Calais

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Photo story: The Jungle in Calais

The French want to destroy the Calais migrant camp - ‘The Jungle’. They will start on Monday. This photo story shows pictures from inside ‘The Jungle’. The Jan/Feb New Internationalist is about the migrant crisis.

People wait for food in a queue in The Jungle. A church in the UK gave the food and Care4Calais volunteers are giving it to the migrants. Sean Hawkey/WCC

Roxanne talks to volunteers, from a rented van. The van brought donations from the UK. She tells people how to give out the donations – it can be dangerous if they don’t manage this well. Sean Hawkey/WCC

Volunteers from Europe organising donations of clothes for people at The Jungle in Calais. Sean Hawkey/WCC

A young Syrian boy in The Jungle. Sean Hawkey/WCC

Many of the refugees who come to The Jungle have suffered from war in their countries. Many of them also suffered violence on their way to a safe place. Not many of them want people to take photos. They are afraid people will find them or they will not get asylum. This woman from Syria told me 'I have been here for more than three months, my husband was a painter and decorator, he was killed, there is a lot of bombing. I am from Daraa, it's a disaster, we left to save our lives, I brought my children to safety, away from Assad and away from the Free Syria Army. My children are three and five years old. We don't know what to do now, we have relatives in the UK, we hope to be with them. We have no rights, do we?' Sean Hawkey/WCC

About 7000 migrants and refugees live in temporary accommodation in The Jungle. There is no official support for the camp, but people arriving there are supported by networks of volunteers with donated food, clothing and medical aid. Sean Hawkey/WCC

Small shops have opened in the camp - the camp is not near the shops, and the French police stop refugees walking around outside.

Refugees from the Middle East sit around a small fire in the evening. Sean Hawkey/WCC

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