One-to-one teaching

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Teaching one-to-one classes:

Teaching one-to-one is far more flexible than teaching groups, and learners will expect far more individual feedback. An ideal lesson could be the following:

A - Pre-lesson: learners select an Easier English text, read it and look up some words they don't understand.

B - During the lesson:

1. Teacher and learner discuss the title of the text

2. Learner turns over the text and tells the teacher everything they can remember about it - meanwhile, the teacher is noting down errors

3. Learner and teacher discuss all the errors - the teacher can re-formulate some expressions / sentence structures and feed in vocabulary where necessary

4. The learner repeats task 2 - better this time - meanwhile, the teacher notes down some questions about the text

5. Teacher and learner discuss the questions about the text (including opinions, solutions and related topics)- teacher notes down errors for post-task correction

6. Learner and teacher correct errors together

7. Learner decides who they could write a letter to on the topic eg. a politician, the author of the text, a person mentioned in the text

8. Learner and teacher write the letter

C - Post-lesson:

1. Learner finishes the letter if no time in lesson

2. Learner reads original text and compares with Easier English version

3. Learners selects a new Easier English text to prepare for next lesson

If teaching Skype/Zoom lessons, teacher should only show learner errors / questions etc after the learner has finished talking, so they don't interrupt the flow and confidence.