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* [[5 complete lessons with student handout, teacher notes, pdf and ppt]]
* [[Global Justice contexts for presenting and practising grammar]]
* [[Global Justice contexts for presenting and practising grammar]]
* [["Radical phonology"]]
* [["Radical phonology"]]

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Reading lesson for groups - for pre-intermediate levels and above:

Choose one of these 4 easy-to-use lesson plans for pre-intermediate learners and above. They follow a simple format: a) words b)reading c)speaking/writing:

Media:4 intermediate lesson plans - reading, vocabulary, speaking and writing.pdf

Or follow this simple format with any other text from the wiki:

1. Select an Easier English text which will suit and interest learners in your group

2. Devise a warmer on a related topic eg. 3 questions or pictures for learners to discuss in pairs

3. Pre-teach any vocabulary that learners will need eg. by eliciting from pictures / situations, drilling and concept checking; or matching vocabulary with definitions

4. Get learners to predict content of text eg. pairs discuss the title (and accompanying pictures)


5. Set a brief skimming or scanning task eg. in 30 seconds, learners have to skim through text and decide if it is happy or sad / positive or negative; in 1 minute, learners have to skim through to find one problem and one solution; in 2 minutes, learners have to scan to find all the names and numbers and discuss what they could relate to

6. Set a detailed reading task eg. learners decide in pairs what they would like to know about the topic, then have 10 minutes to read the text to see if their questions are answered; learners read to note down 3 positive points and 3 negative points

7. Follow-up - set a speaking or reading task to activate the language and ideas eg. pairs do a role-play between the author and a person in the text; pairs write a letter to a politician about the issue

8. Homework - learners read the original article in the link at the bottom of the text and compare with the Easier English text