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Welcome to New Internationalist Easier English

Are you learning English? and are you interested in the world?

- read the Easier English articles (then read the original articles - they will be much easier and you will learn a lot of new vocabulary and grammar) - choose an issue or category, then choose an article to read.

Are you teaching English?

- use our Ready Lessons (and other teaching ideas) and the Easier English articles with your learners, then refer them to the original articles as follow-up. Articles are organized by issue number and topic/category.

Look at our latest issues:

Land Grabs Why is housing in such a state? What has development done for me? The Feral Rich Internet Showdown Bad Medicine Youth Rising Drugs Legalization Co-operatives

  • Issue 462 - May 2013 - "Land grabs"
  • Issue 461 - April 2013 - "Why is housing in such a state?"
  • Issue 460 - March 2013 - "What has development done for me?"
  • Issue 459 - January / February 2013 - "The Feral Rich"
  • Issue 458 - December 2012 - "Internet Showdown"
  • Issue 457 - November 2012 - "Bad Medicine"
  • Issue 456 - October 2012 - "Youth Rising"
  • Issue 455 - September 2012 - "Drugs Legalization"
  • Issue 454 - July/August 2012 - "How Co-operatives can save the planet"

As the articles are simplified, the words, text structure and quotes may have been changed. For the originals, please see: