Longer term planning

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Longer term planning


You will, of course, need to link lessons together to form a coherent long-term plan. In order to do this, you will need to:

a) review and recycle areas of language: vocabulary, grammar and functions - learners forget if they don't use new language. One effective way of doing this is to always start a lesson by practising and reviewing what learners learnt in the previous lesson. If you used a TTT (Test-Teach-Test) structure, you could start the next lesson with a brief repeat of the final 'test' in the previous lesson. It helps to recycle language regularly, eg. once every 2 weeks.

b) build on what learners know in a logical sequence

Below are some charts with suggestions of some areas of language (functions and grammar) for each of 4 levels, together with basic rules and patterns for each area and a simple practice task you can do in class:

Media:Possible language for basic beginner learners.pdf

Media:Possible language for pre-intermediate learners.pdf

Media:Possible language for intermediate learners.pdf

Media:Possible language for upper intermediate learners.pdf