Learners - how to use this wiki

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Learners - how to use this wiki

The easiest way to start is to choose one of the Quizzes on the left, then read the Easier English article at the end.

At the bottom of every Easier English article is the original - click on this and read it - it will be so much easier to read after you read it in Easier English, and you will learn a lot of new words and grammar very easily.

How to choose what to read:

1. You can choose a magazine cover from the Main Page (left), then choose which article you want to read.

2. You can choose one of the Categories (left), then read all the articles about that topic.

3. You can Search for a topic (top right) and then read articles about that topic.

4. You can choose from the Photo Stories (left - scroll down) to read a story with photos.

5. You can choose from the Arguments (left - scroll down) to read what two different people say about a topic - they do not agree!

6. You can choose from the Country Profiles (left - scroll down) to read facts about different countries.

7. Are you feeling lucky? Click on Shuffle (left - scroll down) and a different interesting article will appear each time.

8. Follow us on Twitter: @EasierNewInt and we will give you the link to all new articles we put on the wiki.

9. E-mail us at [email protected] if you have any questions.