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Journalist John Pilger introduces the December edition of New Internationalist magazine, ‘The coming war on China’.


I am very happy to be back in the New Internationalist as guest editor.

The two main articles are about two years of my work on a documentary film. The film is about how the economic power of the world is moving east to China, and how the US is reacting to this. The US is losing its top position so they are using their military power. Nuclear war is possible.

In Asia, the Pacific and the US, I found evidence of great risk. I also found that the island people on the frontline eg. in the Marshalls, Okinawa and Jeju do not want war.

We don't know much about these places that are so far away. But they inspire us by how they face the US military. This New Internationalist shows how amazing these people are. And also it is a warning that we need to understand what is happening and do something about it.

John Pilger

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