Introducing… Freddy Lim

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Introducing… Freddy Lim


The Campaign Office of Freddy Lim

Here is a surprise! Freddy Lim is a tattooed heavy-metal musician. In elections in Taiwan on 16 January 2016 his New Power Party won six seats. This changed the politics in Taiwan between the KMT, which wants to join China, and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which is not democratic and not progressive.

The old KMT party based in Kuomintang was beaten in the elections. The new president is Tsai Ing-wen of the DPP, the first woman president.

The New Power Party is trying to give a voice to the younger generation of activists in the Sunflower Movement. The Sunflower Movement challenged President Ma Ying-jeou from the very unpopular KMT who wanted to move the country further into China’s power.

Lim was famous as the singer with popular band Chthonic. He is now 39 and has changed his ideas from his student days when he wanted to join China. Now he is a strong supporter of Taiwan against China.

His move from heavy metal music to politics came easily. He says that in Taiwan today ‘politicians are the most distrusted profession’, but no-one distrusts musicians. So he changed his hair style, campaigned, and won in the capital, Taipei. He hopes to end the KMT, which he thinks is an old, undemocratic, party that has been in power in Taiwan for too long.

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