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Ready Lesson Index
Grammar Level Topics/Title Link
Agreement/Disagreement + modal verbs Intermediate Argue Better
Agreement & Disagreement, Managing a Discussion Upper Intermediate Politics & Religion

Argue Even better
Articles Intermediate Capitalism

What is Capitalism?
Collocation Intermediate Climate Emergency

The rich, the poor, and the earth
Collocations Intermediate Climate Emergency

The rich, the poor, and the earth
Comparative correlative – the more… the more Intermediate Happiness

Money The More Money We Have
Comparative & Superlative of adjectives Upper Intermediate World Peace

World Peace


Elementary Languages
Comparison Pre-Intermediate Fundamentalism

Fundamentalism and the UK
Comparison Pre-Intermediate Other Countries
Complaint language Upper Intermediate Mining

Conditionals: all/any


Upper Intermediate World News

News around the world
Conditional: first conditional for options Intermediate Climate emergency, Health

Care, the Climate, and Grammar
Modal verbs Intermediate Climate Emergency

Extinction Rebellion
Modal verbs of Advice Intermediate Climate Emergency

Should we…?
Modal verbs – could/should/must for obligation/necessity/possibility Pre-Intermediate Climate Emergency

Climate Talks
Modal verbs: have to, can, can’t for obligation & permission Pre-Intermediate Human Rights

Modal verbs - obligation/no obligation Intermediate Voting
Modals: should, ought to, why don’t we? Intermediate Rich or poor?