Help us raise money for independent journalism

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Help us raise money for independent journalism!

By Helen Wallis, New Internationalist Editorial, for the New Internationalist Co-operative


Independent journalism is in danger – together we can protect and defend it.

We have given a voice to independent journalists for more than 40 years. And we thank everyone who buys the magazine – this means we can support this journalism. New Internationalist magazine is about inequality and different views on important world problems – written by many voices that other media does not include. We know so many people care about global justice. Now we have new challenges.


Independent journalism is in danger of disappearing. People now read more news online and do not pay. Many people do not think about whether the news is accurate or biased. A few billionaires and businesses control a lot of the media. So there is less money for journalism from the Majority World.


Good independent journalism needs money to research and investigate articles and present a balanced story. But not so many people are buying magazines now. So we cannot pay for all the independent journalism we need.

We need £30,000 ($42,000) by the end of April for our independent journalism - an alternative to mainstream media. Can you help us? Thank you very much for even a very small donation. Please go to

Let’s show that independent journalism is here to stay!

Thank you for reading this and thank you for any support you can give us.

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