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The main topic in this month's New Internationalist is Trade Unions

From this month's magazine:

See how much you know about Trade Unions around the world, then check your answers on the infographic:

This is the main article about Trade Unions this month - are unions something of the past? or are they developing into a new power?:


Everyone knows what unions are against, but they are now developing a clear plan to say what they are fighting for:


The story of a migrant who is organizing union support for other migrants in London:


The trade unions in Russia, China, and Vietnam had a very different role. Now in a capitalist world workers are taking action themselves:

Trade Unions have problems around the world but they are having success:

Remember the clothes factory collapse in Bangladesh - Rana Plaza? Are the working conditions better now?

Here's a Ready Lesson about Rana Plaza and Trade Unions, with contextualised practice of 3rd conditional:

Read about the ways in which unions around the world can help with the problems of climate change:

This woman has done a lot to help education in Afghanistan, especially for women, in community-based schools:


And here's a Ready Lesson for Intermediate groups about education and Sakena Yacoobi:

How much do you know about Uganda? - facts and figures here:

Not all UN peacekeepers are abusers but there are some serious problems with the UN:

Do you want to become a resident of Estonia? - you could be an e-resident:

Web Exclusives

The big GM company Monsanto controls the seeds farmers use in India. What problems does Monsanto make for the farmers?


From this month's blogs:

Many people criticize Mother Teresa - but was she really so bad?

What's the best way to fight climate change? - not just individual actions eg. changing to different light bulbs. We can only get real change if we organize politically: