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This month, the main topic is Syria

First, try this quiz about Syria, then check your answers on the infographic:

Now read about the activists in Syria who are trying to start a new civil society:


What do Syrians want in the future, after the fighting ends? - read about these interviews:

Read about some of the brave activists in Syria who have been helping in hospitals, playing music or telling ISIS what they think:

Planet Syria is helping bring together many groups in Syria:

Art, posters, singing and creativity continues through the war in Syria:

Read about The White Helmets - a group of volunteers who save thousands of people from bombed houses in Syria:

This article discusses the MDGs - have they really been a success?:

From the web:

Read about a plan to really help the Syrian refugees:

This is written by a photographer who has been taking photos at Calais in the crisis:


Read about migration - and how the West has caused the problems by telling the Global South how good it is to live there:

And read about the terrible situation on the island of Lesvos in Greece - they don't have enough support:

From the blogs this month:

The refugee crisis is in the whole world - so the whole world needs to look for solutions and work together:

Many people in Britain want to welcome refugees here - maybe it's the time for a new 'open borders' plan:


Britain also has a lot of responsibility for the refugee problems:


Many people in Iceland have offered homes to refugees - will the world be kind?:

And read about the changing life of nomads - is their type of life ending because of climate change?:

Leonardo Di Caprio has produced a new film about the dangers of eating meat and dairy and the meat and dairy industry. Many young people watch the film and become vegan or vegetarian. Read why:

And here's a Ready Lesson for Intermediate learners about this Cowspiracy film: