GUIDE TO THIS MONTH'S ARTICLES - September / October 2022

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Whose railway is it anyway?


Railways can be their own world. With good management, this can mean it’s easier to do things on the railways than in other parts of an economy. That should be a big opportunity for reducing climate emissions by getting passengers off the roads and out of the skies. But we must change the way we use rail networks to help people – and not to help the interests of empires and businesses which built them and run them now. This edition looks at how we can make a start on this.

From this issue:

Zdob și Zdub is a rock band from Moldova. They wrote a song about a train journey for the 2022 Eurovision. Read how the song shows that Moldova is between two cultures, East and West.


The Global South owes trillions of dollars to the North. Cancelling the debts would help the poorer countries and the climnate crisis.


In India the government is stopping protests and arresting protesters. It is not safe to say what you think.


Bcause of illegal mining in Brazil on Indigenous peoples' lands there is now poison in their rivers and in their mothers' milk.


Who should pay for the climate crisis? Why should Pakistan need loans to pay for the effects of a crisis it did not cause?


The holiday company, Center Parcs, has plans to build in a forest. Hundreds of people are on a group protest to save a very old woodland.


The film, All that breathes, is a beautiful story about India’s climate and political problems. Two bothers and a friend work in an old garage in Delhi to heal the city's birds.


More extreme weather in 2022 shows that richer countries are also suffering from the changing climate – they need to start taking action.


We will look at the Big Six UK energy suppliers, to support the millions of people finding it difficult to pay increasing energy bills. First: Scottish Power: