GUIDE TO THIS MONTH'S ARTICLES - September / October 2019

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September-October 2019, Issue 521

This issue is about the freedom of the seas.

Who owns the sea? This is an important question now, with grabbing of resources, militarization of the seas, plastics pollution, and climate destruction. And so is the next question: ‘How can we save the sea?’

First read this main article to find out the basic facts:


Scientists are exploring the deep seas but will they cause problems for sea life that will last millions of years? Or will they find answers to help green energy?


Many are working on ships like prisoners with no human rights.


Illegal fishing ships and ships from other countries are stealing fish from the West African seas. What are they doing to stop this?


Read about an interview with Avery Ng, the leader of Hong Kong's most leftwing party. What does he think about the mass protests in the city?


Deepika Singh can only write her name very slowly and with some mistakes. But in India this means she is one of the 64.6 per cent of "literate" women. Read about the problems of literacy in India:


Migrant workers in homes in Lebanon are like slaves. Read about how This is Lebanon are using Facebook to help.


Protesters campaign against fossil-fuels but they also need to speak out against subsidies to fossil-fuels paid by governments with public money:


Read about the advantages for people and the planet of a vegan diet:


Protesters in London's Extinction Rebellion made a pink octopus and took it to Trafalgar Square. Why did they do it?


Read about someone who spends 24 hours with the Extinction Rebellion in London. How did it feel to break the law, to sleep on the street, and to be a rebel?


And here's a ready lesson about the oceans: