GUIDE TO THIS MONTH'S ARTICLES - September / October 2018

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This issue is about peace

The world must get better at ending wars. If we don’t, the World Bank says, 60 per cent of the world’s poorest people will be living in violent, ‘fragile’ countries by 2030. In this issue we look at peace makers and not war makers. We look at new stories from all over the world that are about ways to find peace.

First read this about ten things we can do to have world peace:


What started the war with Boko Haram? Why did it become worse? What can we do to stop it?:


Here is the UK prime minister dancing in Africa - but are the UK plans for development and investment in Africa helpful?:


China is investing and building in Africa. But is the Chinese model the best model for Africa?


Read about the terrible problems for trans people and why the law must change:

Every day thousands of Palestinian workers must cross the checkpoint into Israel to find work. Look at some of the photographs and read about the terrible problems: