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This month's main topic is gold and how many problems gold brings.

From the mazagine:

To start, why not try a quick quiz:

Here's the most important article about what we can do to stop people mining more gold:


And is it possible for gold companies to be "ethical"? They often have a clean image, but there are connected with a lot of abuse - of human rights and of the environment:

And more problems of gold - in India, it makes the gap bigger between rich and poor:

And read about the election in Sweden this month - will the far-right win more seats?:

The web exclusives:

Read this about the real price of gold - especially about mining in Canada:

And another really interesting web exclusive about a perfect town - utopia? - in the south of Spain:

Articles from the blogs this month:

What does the word "development" mean now? and is it good for the West to force poorer countries to "develop"?

What are "internationalists" and what are they fighting for? Read more here:

And read about doctors from Kings in London fighting against Ebola in Sierra Leone - how can the international community help more?:

Read about what the Bradford group in Britain is doing about the unjust situation in Gaza.

And finally, read about the problems of climate change, and why we had climate marches around the world:



Here are two complete lessons:

This one will last 1-2 hours and has a variety of different activities: speaking, reading and review of the verb tenses in context, all about the main topic this month, GOLD:

And this lesson, also 1 - 2 hours, working with dictogloss to really focus on the content of the article - all about if 'development' is good or bad: