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What is World Fiction? Find out how it is different from other writing:


Here are some of the 'world fiction' short stories - this first one is about a boy from South Korea. He doesn't want to do military service so he starts eating to get too fat. Read what happens to his family:

This story is about a murder. And sex. In Africa. By a pink lake:


Read a story about Anna. She is Czech and moved to the USA. When a young man who lived in her flat dies, she remembers so many things from her past:

Who's the president of the Philippines? - How much do you know about Rodrigo Duterte? Read here:

Read about some new music - by refugees for refugees:

Cairo continues, but it's difficult to see how:


From the web this month:

That terrible recent hurricane - look here for photos to show what happened:


The film director, Ken Loach, has a new film about the problems of the welfare system in the UK:

Many people in the UK want to help migrants and refugees - look at this project to help house migrants in Brighton:


From the blogs this month

The EU is making it more difficult for refugees to find asylum in different EU countries. Find out how:


Read about how important students are in helping the protests against the very bad conditions in electronics factories:

Ready lessons this month:

This first lesson is based on the sweatshops article above, and links this to The NO Project to stop all forms of modern slavery:

The second lesson this month brings the short stories above together: