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The main topic this month is Transgender.

Start with this quiz to see how much you know about transgender - then check your answers on the infographic:

Read the main article about trans people around the world - their problems and the way they can help everyone have more rights:


Find out more about what the different words mean, and how we can talk about trans people:

Read about how you can help trans people - it may surprise you:

What should parents do if their child is transgender or wants to be the other gender?:

Read the stories of eight trans people from around the world:

A list of organizations around the world, books and films that support trans and intersex:

Read an interview with this singer from Ethiopia - Meklit Hadero:

From the web this month:

Read this story (with photos) about the thousands of Syrian refugees who go to Lebanon:


Here is the story of a small group of refugees from Syria who tried to find a new home via Thailand - it is not easy:

And a READY LESSON about the Syrian refugees in Bangkok, and those who go to Lebanon, for pre-intermediate learners:

From the blogs this month:

The Paris climate talks are coming - at the end of November - can you help New Internationalist tell the story of the people who are affected most by climate change?:


These Africans are cycling across Africa, from Mozambique to Kenya, to make people think about climate change:

Walking from Rome to Paris to make people think about climate change (next month's topic is the Paris climate talks):

And here's a READY LESSON about why these groups are walking and cycling to Paris - to prepare for the Climate Talks in Paris next month:

A Hindu group killed a Muslim because he ate beef - why is there so much hate and fear in India? - and how can it stop?:

Does our energy have to be controlled by big powerful companies? Do we have to continue to burn fossil fuels? There is another way - read about the way to fair, sustainable, democratic energy:

The UK has stopped giving aid to India. There are billionaires in India. But the aid is actually very important. Read why: