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From the magazine - October 2014

This month, the main topic is Cuba. It's changing a lot - first try this quiz to find out how much you know:

And all the articles about Cuba are brought together in this Ready Lesson (for intermediate learners):

Read this about the changes in Cuba:


There is only one party in Cuba and this makes problems for the media:

Read about a very large new port they are building in Cuba - and the future of trade there:

And look at this photo story (web exclusive) - photos of Cuba that show how it is changing:

The police are becoming more like the military - who is giving them all the guns and equipment?:

How much do you know about Mexico? Read this updated country profile:

Web exclusives:

Lots of Photo Stories this month. As well as the Cuba Photo Story (above), there is this beautiful Photo Story about Mali and how the markets are helping the country after the war:

And what about Hong Kong? Look at the photos of the peaceful, organized protest with umbrellas:

From the blogs

Read about the problems for mothers in India when they have babies for other women.

Read about the elections in Brazil - who is fighting against Dilma to lead the country?:

Read how people power is important to help climate change:

A show in London of new ideas to help solve the world's problems and help protesters:

And a READY LESSON for an intermediate class (1.5 - 2 hrs) based on the article above:

There are plans for new mines in Norway. But there are problems with pollution in the fjords:

Peter Tatchell argues that Western countries should not fight ISIS. They should help the Kurds to fight:

Is the media helping Islamic State?

Climate change is making it difficult for African farmers to grow enough food. Read about some ideas to help.