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From the magazine this month:

Can we expect very much to come from the Climate Change talks in Paris in November?


What are they discussing at the Paris climate talks and what is the best we can hope for:

And here's a READY LESSON about this article above: CLIMATE TALKS:

3 short stories from people who have been at climate talks before:

The big oil companies don't want to stop climate change - but they want to be part of the climate talks!:

Is China now a world leader on climate change?

Read about the real power at the climate talks - from the people leading activist groups:

The refugees in Western Sahara have been waiting for independence for 40 years. What is the situation now?

Are the internet, Twitter, texts, and email bad for us? Read the argument for and against:

How much do you know about El Salvador? - read here about the gangs, violence and politics:

From the web this month:

Many thousands of people around the world went on climate marches - have a look at these photos!:

And what about the refugees crossing the sea from Turkey to Greece? More are dying now because of bad weather - read this and look at the Storify of tweets and photos:


And here's a Ready Lesson about the article above:

From the blogs this month:

The New Internationalist crowdfunding appeal worked!: