GUIDE TO THIS MONTH'S ARTICLES - November / December 2021

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The future of work

Year after year workers receive less and less of a share in the profits and power. The Covid-19 pandemic showed many problems for workers and brought calls for a better deal. Now, as business-as-usual continues, it is more urgent to create fairer, more dignified futures for workers. This issue looks at the problems and the possibilities. The long struggles for unity, better working conditions, and greater autonomy are still really important. But thee are other important questions to ask. For example, do we really need to work as much, when we can provide comfortably for the needs of all? And is full employment good for the planet with its ecological limits.

From this issue:

160 million children in the world work. Read about how the world of work is changing and a possible future:


Read about some of the things we can all do to help the planet:


Read about cities and one country that all have free pubic transport:

Free public transport for all?


Indigenous peoples look after their lands far better than industrialized nations. But at COP26 everyone ignored them.


DJ Switch is a 13-year-old DJ and campaigner for children's rights from Ghana


Can workers control their own businesses? Read about co-operatives where everyone can have the same pay and decide how to run the business:

The democratic workplace


In an Amazon warehouse in the US, most of the workers are black women. They earn very little for impossibly hard work with only two 30 minute breaks in a ten hour day. Read about how black women are organising for social change:


To think that we need full employment is a mistake. We need to think very differently about jobs if we want equality, a better life, and if we want to save the planet.


Governments talk a lot now about creating green jobs. But what are these green jobs? If governments shut the oil and gas industry to help climate change, what will the oil and gas workers do?


In India, there are men everywhere in public places and women don't feel safe. India has a plan to help women feel safer in cities. But can it work?


Who is the new leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan?


Germany promised to stop using coal by 2030 but big energy company RWE is planning to expand a coal mine and destroy two villages. Read about the sucess the protesters are having: