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It is certain that we are near the end of Big Oil. But can we make the end of the oil age come quicker?

What can we do to help end the oil age?


Read the terrible story of what Shell have done to Ogoniland in the Niger Delta - it is now one of the most polluted places in the world, but people are fighting more to make Shell and the Nigerian government clean the area:

Couples who can't have children are happy to pay women in India to have the children for them? Is this good or bad for the surrogate mothers?

And there is a Ready Lesson for intermediate learners on Surrogacy

And, from the web, a PHOTO STORY - photos of the everyday life of refugees in and around Kobane, Syria:

And from the blogs this month:

Read about the Climate Caravan in Bangladesh - what are they doing to fight against climate change?:

Do you think football clubs should get money from big oil companies like Gazprom? Read this and sign the petition: