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How we stop Big Oil

If you believe what the big oil companies tell us - the greenwash - you will think the oil and gas companies are going to change and save our climate. But CO2 emissions are still rising, air pollution is still killing people, and Big Oil is destroying communities. And we suffer as energy prices rise and rise. What can we do to make a better energy system?

In this magazine we write about how we got here, the communities and campaigners fighting for change, and how we can fight the oil and gas industry to leave fossil fuels behind.

From this issue:

The big oil companies are trying stop us from ending the use of fossil fuels. What can we do for a better future without oil and gas?


Read about a short history of oil and gas - from the days when all our energy came from the sun alone to the first car and to Greta Thunberg.


Big international companies are fracking for oil and gas and destroying the lands of the Mapuche peoples in Argentina. Read about how they are trying to stop the fracking.